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We’d all love to call out unconscious workplace bias in the moments we sense it is directed at us, or others. But how can you call out the injustice and incivility of sensed bias without being seen as:


  •  Hostile


  •  A ‘non-team player’


  •  Difficult


  •  Having a chip on your shoulder


  • Risking your job


  • A bigot if you’re a majority leader


  • Projecting your own bias?


How can you call out unconscious bias that comes from your boss, senior management, your staff or colleagues without losing your composure?


How can you call out unconscious bias in a way that helps the other person understand and change their behaviour?


Critically, how do you even know whether what you sense is real, whether it is not just a reflection of your own bias?


In “I Don’t Understand” – Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, you’ll learn:






so that you can put career-stifling and conflict-generating bias behind you, your team and your colleagues once and for all!

Leading Workplace Bias Expert, Buki Mosaku throws out of the window much of the accepted wisdom in unconscious bias training and gives readers a proven, practical tool kit for navigating all forms of workplace bias—race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, sex, etc. through his ground-breaking IDU? Methodology. Its tools empower and equip minorities, marginalised groups, and the majority to effortlessly call out bias whenever they sense it, without inciting dire, unwanted results.

The IDU? Methodology is applicable to everyone: not just the traditional targets of workplace bias but also those, including leaders, who feel their own actions and responses can be misinterpreted as biased. This book is the first and only practical guide to navigating unconscious bias in the workplace that helps and empowers the ‘victim’ whoever they may be, to gain the skills and confidence they need to respond quickly and effectively.


Bonus: Buki also provides a blueprint for corporates to implement the IDU? Methodology groupwide to drive sustainable change.

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Praise for “I Don’t Understand”:

“I first had a conversation with Buki in 2021 when he shared the I Don`t Understand model, the timing could not have been better. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone seeking to achieve long-term sustainable success in addressing bias in the workplace… Your model as detailed makes traditional Unconscious Bias development or training events seem `tired` and highlights their failure to achieve real change…” – Caren Thomas, Human Resources Director-Chartered Insurance Institute


“This is great! The guilty perpetrator versus hapless victim is an appropriate approach to an age old issue that continues to inhibit performances at various strata of the society.  It is very easy for the victim to slip into the other shoes unconsciously as you have noted and which, is often the case… You have painstakingly and through analysing your own responses, shifted focus from the perpetrator or the victims… guiding them to turn otherwise destructive situations to capital by responding with openness without being judgemental or emotional…” – Dr Funmi Alakija PhD-Diasporic Media


“Be in no doubt,  unconscious bias is complex and distressing. It cripples mindset growth in a society that has more threatening things to worry about. Buki presents brilliantly and boldly presented solutions for the everyday. No great campaign, no board-down policies that melt away by Friday, but in-the-moment actions to maintain collegiate relationships and promote strength of connection. Oh, and by the way—all delivered by Buki with pragmatism, energy and fun.—Kate Howlett, Executive Coach


“I first encountered Buki and his work a couple of years ago prompting me to read “  I Don’t Understand” Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace.  Thought provoking and powerful – “I don’t understand….?” so simple, easy to remember and yet so powerful.1st class advice and thoughts. Thank you for sharing”Adam Thomas, Head of Data,  SKY Media

Quotes From The Author

“I observed that insufficient attention is allocated to supporting, empowering, and equipping victims of workplace unconscious bias with the necessary tools to navigate this problem.”

“I saw an urgent need to challenge the flawed, dishonest, and counterproductive premise that drives most expensive, time-consuming, unconscious bias training and inclusion solutions, namely: the model of the Guilty Perpetrator Versus Hapless Victim.”

“There is a desperate need for clarity around what it means to be a victim and a perpetrator of unconscious bias. Invariably, these roles have appeared static—in a linear model attached to fixed descriptions. Yet evidence shows a very different truth: these roles are as fluid as the dynamics of the situation and perceptions of those involved. Traditional training approaches fail to recognize this, or to address it fairly.”


Buki Mosaku,  Workplace Bias Expert and Author of  “I Don’t Understand” Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Buki Mosaku is a leading international business consultant and founder of DiverseCity Think Tank. He has grappled with unconscious (and indeed conscious) bias with varying degrees of success in his employed career and as a consultant in the city.

Frustrated with his own challenges and the inadequacy of behavioural scientists, celebrity activists, and consultants' attempts to address workplace bias, he set out to develop a fair, equitable results-oriented methodology to tackle person(s) to person(s) bias effectively in the workplace.

“I don't understand” - Navigating Bias in the Workplace is the culmination of over two decades of working, observing, and interacting with over 50,000 individuals throughout the world as a consultant.

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Praise for the IDU? Methodology

“It’s fascinating what you do… I’ve learnt a bit more… You’ve done a fine job, so I’m grateful.” — Nick Ferrari LBC and SKY Presenter


“I have just listened to Buki’s summary – THE TRUTH ABOUT WORKPLACE BIAS – covering directional bias, reverse bias and defensive fragility and it’s powerful stuff. Worth a listen and consideration, as the industry looks to embrace D&I.” David Sparks, Head of Compliance and Training – The British Insurance Brokers’ Association


“… I particularly liked the focus on bringing both sides together to be able to move forward, rather than entrenching existing views through a victim / perpetrator mindset”. Matthew Byrne Head of Actuarial Function, NFU Mutual


“I must say my colleagues are still positively referencing your session Buki… People on both sides of the Atlantic found it a very invigorating discussion” Julian Lynne -Chief Commercial Officer, BNY Mellon, Newton Investment 


“Wow Buki you really do talk so much sense, I could listen to you all day. We need to have a better understanding of reverse bias and work together. You should be a mandatory part of any firm’s training program”. —  Tracey Robb – Founder Trivium London Consultants-HR Advice to the Alternative Asset Management Sector


“This is excellent! What I like is that it gives a clear blueprint on what to do and how to fix things.” — Amina Appiah-Lewis. Director of Alpha One Marketing


“A simple question, ‘I don’t understand….?’ but a powerful and non-confrontational way to address possible unconscious bias…” — Nicola King, Premises Manager at the Royal Latin School


“…some positive advice on how to tackle this issue. We need to address all kinds of unconscious bias that affect corporate diversity or the lack of…” – Gary Humphreys, Underwriting Director, Markerstudy Group


“Very insightful and love that you are offering ways for individuals to deal with this. Bravo!” — Peter Dediare, Angel Investor, Marco Polo


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